the trentsform method

Stop Wasting Time and Setting Yourself up for Failure

Complicated: Following complicated, long training and nutrition plans while living a time-poor life WILL lead to ditching your plan in the “Too Hard” basket.

Regimented: You days are never exactly the same. Eating every “x” hours is only going to make you feel guilty about not sticking to the plan and more likely to binge.

Extremes: We all know how 1-2 hour workouts and eating “clean” or not at all ends up.

Restrictions: Counting calories will not only result in becoming obsessive about food, but it can also start to develop eating disorders – where you don’t see food for what it is. You see calories and carbs, rather than food and fuel.

It’s time for a change to allow fitness and health to fit into your life, rather than your life around fitness.




Upon receiving your application we will set up a time to have a chat about you, where you’re at, what you want to achieve, what makes you tick and more to gain a deeper understanding of how I can help you transform.



Now I have an idea of where you’re currently at, I will design a mobile-friendly action plan so you can get started right away from any location.



Our follow up VIP Coaching call will be scheduled weekly to check your progress, keep you accountable, work through any challenges and fine-tune your Action Plan to achieve your transformation.

Let's Trentsform Together!

But…only if you’re serious and 100% committed to making small, compounding changes.

I have a limit of 12 VIP Coaching opportunities available.